Regulations of Friends of CNSM
1. Aims and Duties
“Friends of CNSM” is an organization aiming to support, help, and sponsor museums.
The duties of “Friends of CNSM” includes: publicizing CNSM and providing social feedback to CNSM; paying attention to social news and assisting CNSM; attracting social supports and strengthening the interaction with the community; providing a platform for those fond of silk history & culture with information and communication opportunities.

2. Constitution
“Friends of CNSM” is composed of scholars, collectors, educators, enterprises, media, volunteers, etc. from home and abroad who are enthusiastic about public welfare establishments and silk history & culture. Activities of this organization are under the permission of National Cultural Heritage Laws and other relevant regulations.
3. Rights
10% discount in CNSM Store
Discount on space renting
Priority admission to lectures of CNSM
Access to the opening ceremony of important exhibitions
Priority admission to social education activities of CNSM
Free admission to activities of CNSM on culture heritage, history, museum, etc.

4. Obligation
Obeying relevant regulations of CNSM
Engaging in museum’s development, social activities, and promoting museum culture
Assisting CNSM in all kinds of affairs
Offering constructive opinions and suggestions
Introducing or organizing visitors visiting actively
Publicizing exhibitions and activities of CNSM
Participating in service activities
Volunteering at least once per year

5. Management
Education department of CNSM is in charge of the management of "Friends of the Museum"
Membership cancels if no contact groundlessly for one year
There are four "Friends of the Museum" meetings each year, to acknowledge new trends in museum development, and to commend outstanding members.

6. Membership
First of all, one who intends to be a member should submit a written application to CNSM (goes to education department, or downloads the application form and post); after approved, one will receive a membership card. CNSM accepts application at any working hour.

China National Silk Museum
Jan. 2, 2009