2011 Annual Outstanding Volunteers’ Commendation Conference of CNSM
On the morning of March 10, CNSM held its 2011 Annual Outstanding Volunteers’ Commendation Conference, attended by Yang Xinping, Yan Hongming, Chen Ping, Lan Guoying, Li Wen, and representatives of excellent volunteers.

During the meeting, Cai Qin, deputy secretary of CNSM of CPC Party Committee, makes a review and summarization, and commends two outstanding volunteer teams: Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and Zhejiang Gongshang University, plus 29 outstanding volunteers.

The volunteering work of CNSM started in 1996, composed of students from Zhejiang Silk Institute (now known as Zhejiang Sci-Tech University). CNSM has begun to sign volunteer agreements with several schools since 2004 when CNSM opened itself to the public for free, and has recruited volunteers from the community since 2010. Thus far, there is a group of 200 volunteers servicing.

The conference aims to recognize outstanding volunteers, to encourage learning and exchange between volunteers, and to better the volunteering work of CNSM.