2010 Events of CNSM

Jan. 21, 2010, Zhao Feng, deputy curator of CNSM, is selected as one of outstanding experts of ministry of culture of PRC of the year 2008, issued with certificate by Yang Jianxin, minister of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture.

Feb. 1, Zhejiang Province Bureau of Cultural Relics issues Excellence Awards of Displays & Exhibitions in Zhejiang Province, and the exhibition of CNSM - Colorful as the Rainbow is one of them.

Feb. 3, the opening ceremony of "Silk Road--Chinese Silk Art" exhibition is opened at Palace of Independence, Kazakhstan.

Mar. 17, The "Silk Road--Chinese Silk Art" exhibition is opened at the Kasteyev Museum of Fine Arts.

Apr. 6, Dunhuang Studies Institute of Zhejiang Province in the Seventh Member Congress is held in Hangzhou. Zhao Feng, deputy director of CNSM, is selected as the current president, and Xu Zheng, from CNSM, is elected into the board.

Apr. 9, the opening ceremony of the exhibition “Memories of Central Asia: Western Influences on Textiles along the Silk Road, 4th – 9th Centuries” is held at CNSM.

Apr. 10, a seminar is held in CNSM to cooperate with the exhibition “Memories of Central Asia: Western Influences on Textiles along the Silk Road, 4th – 9th Centuries”.

Apr. 12, a SACH project, “The Excavation and Display of Textile Weaving Techniques of Eastern Zhou Dynasty: Take the Unearthed Textiles”, hosted by CNSM, is considered qualified in Beijing.

May 17, all CCP members and middle-level leaders from CNSM goes to visit Southern Suburb Prison, Hangzhou.

Jun. 11, the opening ceremony of the exhibition “Blue and White – Indigo Art of Craftsmen” is held at CNSM in the afternoon.

End of Aug., the renovation of the gallery of “The Story of Chinese Silk” is fulfilled.

Sep. 10 – Nov. 16, Mengdiexuan donates a large amount of textile relics of Liao dynasty. A special exhibition named Adornments of the Noble Riders: the Elegant Lifestyle of the Qitan Royals is held, consisting of objects mainly selected from the donation. Zheng Jiwei, vice governor of Zhejiang province, Ma Yunlin, deputy secretary-general of Zhejiang provincial government, Bao Xianlun, Provincial deputy director of Zhejiang Department of Culture and chief of Zhejiang Province Bureau of Cultural Relics, Zhu Weiji and Lu Yinyin of Mengdiexuan, attend and address the opening ceremony.

Sep. 28, a special exhibition: “100% Silk – 2010 Zhejiang Cultural Festival in Finland”, is held at Espoo, Finland.

Sep. 29 – Oct. 14, invited by American Textile Association, Zhao Feng attends the annual meeting of American Textile Association for academic communication in USA, and addresses a speech named “Colors in Ancient Chinese Silk”, as the only voice from Chinese scholars in this meeting, which has being highly valued.

Oct. 11 – Dec. 30, entrusted by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, a training class on textiles conservation for Xinjiang museum colleagues, is co-undertaken by CNSM and Cultural Heritage Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Oct. 15 – 20, invited by the Guimet Museum, Zhao Feng goes to France for academic communications and attends the initial release ceremony of Textiles De Dunhuang – Dans Les Collections Francaises (the French version of Dunhuang Silk Art). He participates in the Council of the International Ancient Textiles Research Center (CIETA), as well.

Nov. 10 – 18, invited by the Kyoto National Museum, Zhou Yang attends and addresses the seminar: “Textiles Exchanging in Eastern Asian from Song Dynasty to Ming Dynasty”.

Nov. 19 –Mar. 25, 2011, a special exhibition "The Essence of Uygur Scenery" is held at CNSM.

Nov. 2011, Zhou Yang attends and addresses the “2010 International Guqin Seminar”.

Nov. 2011, seven colleagues attend the 22ed annual meeting of ICOM in Shanghai.

Dec. 6 - 7, a seminar “Textiles as Money – Textiles along the Silk Road”, co-organized by Donghua University, CNSM, Yale University and British Museum, is held in Shanghai and Hangzhou. Zhao Feng addresses and compiles the glossary.

Dec. 2010, Zhou Yang attends and addresses the “International Symposium on Museum Conservation Environment, 2010”.

Dec. 17 - 20, invited by the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, Germany, Zhao Feng attends and addresses the “Silk Culture in Early Modern World (14-18 century)” seminar.