2011 Events of CNSM

Mar. 13, Li Yuxin, director of History Department of Zhejiang Museum, gives a lecture about Silk Road in CNSM.

Mar. 24, CNSM holds a staff meeting to discuss and formulate the CNSM Post Setting Implementation Plan.

Mar. 25, Yoshida Miyo from Nagoya University gives a lecture about study of gold and silver thread in Japanese textile relics in CNSM.

Apr. 04, the Education Department of CNSM organizes a trip to Hanshan, Huzhou to witness the “Making Silkworm Flowers” fair for some students from six different schools of Hangzhou.

Apr. 06 – Jun. 01, The Fine Silk Art of New China exhibition is held in CNSM in which more than 70 items of silk produced in Yangtze Delta after the establishment of PR China are exhibited.

Apr. 11, Zhao Feng gives a lecture about new achievement of study on silk textile on Silk Road in Zhejiang University.

Apr. 23, Feng Guoxu, Chairman of Zhejiang Society for the Study of Folk Literature and Art, gives a lecture about sericulture and folk customs in Yangtze Delta in CNSM.

Apr. 26, CNSM’S Labor Union organizes a visit to Tengtou Village in Ningbo for retired cadres.

May 10, Chairman of Switzerland Abegg Council visits CNSM.

May 19, CNSM and Zhejiang Children's TV Channel jointly hold Class of Silk Culture in CNSM.

May 22, an expert discussing forum of Ecological Park of China’s Silk Cultural Heritage project is held in Haining.

May 24, a staff meeting is held, in which Zhou Yang gives a report about her study in Japan, Shen Guoqing talks about the safety of relics and Xu Zheng gives a campaign speech for Deputy Director of Department of Exhibition and Conservation.

May 25, Curator of Taizhong Science Museum in Taiwan visits CNSM.

Jun. 10 - Oct. 10, The Ethic Classics of Yunnan Costume and Culture exhibition is held in CNSM, which is organized jointly by CNSM and Yunnan Nationalities Museum. 70 suits/252 items are exhibited.

Jun. 10, Zhang Yunling, researcher from Yunnan Nationalities Museum, gives a lecture about Dongba Culture.

Jun. 11, Ding Yunchuan, executive director of Hangzhou Society for Culture of Ancient Capital, gives a lecture about Hangzhou history and culture.

Jun. 17, Zhao Feng goes to Xi’an for the annual meeting of Museums Association of China, and is elected as an executive director.

Jul. 04, Shen Yuyun, professor from Confucius Institute in Montreal, Canada, pays a visit to CNSM.

Jul. 11, CNSM’s party branch organizes a visit to the Party’s first conference site in Jiaxing South Lake for all CNSM’s party members, including the retired ones.

Jul. 18, Zhao Feng meets Madame Hai Weilan from USA, discussing how to collect Lydia Gordon’s western fashion suits collection.

Aug. 26, the Education Department of CNSM organizes a trip to silk-related historical sites in Hangzhou for over 30 citizen volunteers.

Aug. 31, Qiu Haisuo, professor of China Art Academy, gives a lecture about the art of knitting.

Sep. 16, CNSM holds a meeting among retired workers to inform them of the changes in subsidy.

Sep. 23 – Nov. 23, Charm of the Horsebacks—Decorative and Applied Art of Kazakhstan of the 19th-20th Centuries exhibition was organized by CNSM and Kazakhstan Kasteyev National Art Museum, which is the first exhibition from abroad held in CNSM. 80 sets/119 items of antique are displayed. Meanwhile, Grassland Silk Road and Sino-Kazakhstan Cultural Communication Seminar are held.

Sep. 24, Jin Lin gives a lecture about silk trade between China and Kazakhstan in Qing Dynasty to complement the exhibition.

Sep. 25 – Oct. 29, Zhao Feng goes to Denmark, British and Singapore successively to attend CIETA annual conference and Ancient Silk Road—Southeast Asia Cross-cultural Communication and Heritage Seminar.

Sep. 29, a discussion about CNSM’s 12th Five-year Plan takes place.

Oct. 13, an opening ceremony of the first class of Xinjiang trainees in Hangzhou is held in CNSM. Deputy Director of Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau attend the ceremony.

Oct. 16 – Oct. 25, invited by Canadian Conservation Institute, Zhou Yang and Zheng Hailing publish an assay at CCI International Conference.

Oct. 21, Wang Shujuan makes a lecture named Perception of Working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Oct. 28, Jiang Weidong, curator of Liangzhu Museum, gives a lecture named Resplendent: Interpretation of Liangzhu Jade.

Oct. 29, Education Department of CNSM organizes about 100 volunteers from Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, ZheJiang GongShang University, China Jiliang University, Hangzhou Dianzi University, etc. to Ningbo Museum to visit and learn.

Nov. 9, Xiang Zhonghuai, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, come to visit and inspect, and discusses the cooperation matters with curator Zhao Feng.

Nov. 12, CNSM signs an agreement with Haining Municipal Government of co-constructing “Ecological Park for Chinese Sericulture and Silk Craftsmanship”.

Nov. 12, Macedonia Women Delegation comes to visit, accompanied by Zhang Yi, Assistant Curator of CNSM.

Nov. 18, Bian Xiangyang, professor of Donghua University, makes a lecture named Chinese Apparel & Accessories Fashion at 20 Century.

Nov. 24, Yan JianQiang, professor of Zhejiang University, makes a lecture named Information Oriented Exhibitions:How to Raise the Quality of Chinese Museums.

Dec. 5, Xue Yan makes a speech named “Exhibition: Chinese Silk Culture of 5,000 years in Finland.”

Dec. 9, Yu Nannan is elected as the Secretary of League sub-branch.

Dec. 11 - Dec. 16, invited by Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and The Office of Protection Services of Smithsonian Institute, Zhao Feng goes to Boston and Washington, DC to undertake international academic exchanges.

Dec. 23 - Feb. 29, 2012, “2011 Fashion Review” exhibits.

Dec. 24, a forum “When Museum Meets Fashion - Dialogue between Designers and Researchers” is held at Jade Mountain Hotel, which is attended by Cao Bingwu, editor-in-chief of China Cultural Relics News, An Laishun, secretary-general of Chinese Museums Association, Yao An, deputy director of the Art Exhibitions China, Zhang Zhi’an, president of Northeast tiger grass Fashion Co., Ltd., Zhang Yun, director of the R & D center of Guangzhou Exception Garments Co., Ltd., etc.

Dec. 24, a seminar of “2011 Fashion Review” is held at Jade Mountain Hotel. Li Dangqi, president of China Fashion Designers Association, Bian Xiangyang, professor of Donghua University, Fang Jun, board chairman of Shanghai Dingtian Textile Co., Ltd, and Wu Haiyan, famous designer, all give speeches.

Dec. 25, a knitting class is held at CNSM by Wang Xiaohong.

Dec. 27 - Jan. 1, 2012, Zhao Feng is invited to participate in the seminar: “8th International Shibori Symposium Hong Kong 2011”, and undertake international academic exhchanges.