The establishment ceremony of the fashion professional advisory committee and the opening ceremony of “To Craftsmanship - 2017 Fashion Review” were held in China National Silk Museum(2017-12-22)

In the afternoon of December 22,2017, the fashion professional advisorycommittee of China National Silk Museum was established. At the same time, theopening ceremony of “To Craftsmanship - 2017 Fashion Review” was held in China National Silk Museum.

The presenter from Sound of Zhejiang, Zhou Wen as a female anchor, read out the Notice of theEstablishment of Fashion Professional AdvisoryCommittee by China National Silk Museum.In order to further promote the cooperation between China National Silk Museumand fashion industry to jointly advocate fashion lifestyle and stimulate thedevelopment of fashion apparel industry, combining with the operational concept“collect today for tomorrow” and the operation mode “to drive collection byexhibition, to promote exhibition by collection”, China National Silk Museumdecided to establish the fashion professional advisory committee.


The committee isa specialist institution that plays a guiding and advisory role in thedevelopment of fashion business. The first committee is chaired by Zhang Qinhui, thechairman of China Fashion Association, and Li Binhong, the head of ChinaTextiles Development Center. The chief experts include Bao mingxin, professorfrom Donghua University, and Li Dangqi, professor from Tsinghua University. 26Commissioners are composed of industry leaders, senior designers, theoreticalresearchers, curators and corporate representatives. 

Zhao feng, the chairman of China National Silk Museum, presented appointment letters for commissioners.


Zhang Qinhui, the chairman of China Fashion Association, and Zhao feng, the chairman of ChinaNational Silk Museum, gave a wonderful speech respectively in the openingceremony.


Since 2011, China National Silk Museum has payed attention to thedevelopment process of fashion in China every year through collecting typicalcostumes and popular fabrics, clarifying the fashion trends, showing thefashion lifestyle, and planing the annual Fashion Review about costumes andfabrics for the year.

In 2017 donation ceremony offashion collection, Zhang Qinhui, chairman of China Fashion Association, Liuhe, director of Zhejiang Administration of Culture Heritage and Li Binhong,head of China Textiles Development Center, issued the donation certificates todesigners, fabric enterprise representatives and apparel enterpriserepresentatives, respectively.


Later on, Liu he, the director of Zhejiang Administration of Culture Heritage, Zhang Qinhui, chairman of ChinaFashion Association, Li Binhong, head of China Textiles Development Center, Zhao feng, chairman of China National Silk Museum and Lin ping, president of Daly silk (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., cut the ribbontogether for the opening ceremony of “To Craftsmanship - 2017 Fashion Review”.


This year is the seventh consecutive year for the China National Silk Museum to hold an annual fashionreview. The exhibition consists of four parts, “New Force”, “Fruitful Achievements”, “Beginner's Mind”, “Fabric Innovation”. It shows theaward-winning works from major fashion competitions, like Hempel Award, andoutstanding students’ excellent works from well-known design colleges. Theproducts from classic apparel brands and independent designer brands, whichfocus on the activation of traditional cultural elements in the design areshown. Also, more than 100 popular fabrics and creative fashion works of artwhich adhere to the craftsmanship are exhibited. The purpose of the fashionreview is to show the pursuits of originality, reshapethe spirit of craftsmanship, highlight the national feelings of "Design in China".

The exhibition will last until March 5, 2018.

Fashion designer Chu yan presented her findings and reflections about the fusion of Chinese culture andforeign culture in ancient silk road by holding her fashion show “CHUYAN” with39 fashionable dresses at the opening ceremony. The works perfectly interpretedthe romance, elegance and grace, and expressed the development process of theoriental civilization communicating and colliding with the world civilization.


After fashion show, guests visited “To Craftsmanship - 2017 Fashion Review” leading by curator Chen Baichao.


3D printed wedding dresses, inspired by Digital Sculptureism.


“Lady of Butterfly”, designed by Lv Yue


“Chinese Opera Mask”, designed by Wang Ying.


“Dao Ma Dan” (“Peking Opera Blues”), designed by Ling Ruiwan.


In the afternoon, 2017 FashionForum was held in China National Silk Museum. Fashionis a lifestyle, art is a mental attitude, craftsmanship spirit is a faith inlife. In order to cooperate with “To Craftsmanship - 2017 Fashion Review”, many industry experts are invited to make awonderful speech. Many designers, artists, leaders of fashion industry andfashion media attended the forum.


Li Binhong, the head of ChinaTextiles Development Center, gave a speech about “Fashion Art, Craftsmanship Spirit ”.


Chu yan, the associate professor of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, and Lv yue, the professor of ChinaCentral Academy of Fine Arts, made a speech “Inheritance and Innovation in New Silk Road”and “Art and Technology promote the traditional handicraft to the future”, respectively.


The founder and chief designer ofXuberance, Steven Ma shared with guests about “Fashion Technology of 3Dprinting and Art”.


At the end of forum, Wu haiyan,the dean of China Academy of Art - school of design, made a speech entitled “traditionalactivation, design transformation, life beautification”.