Dunhuang Evening Held in National Silk Museum (2017-09-02)

September 2nd, National SilkMuseum hosted “Evening of Dunhuang”. The event is greatly supported by CompanionCultural Foundation, Dunhuang Culture Promotion Foundation, ZhejiangDunhuang and silk road Research Institute, , He Teahouse, ZhejiangProvincial Association for friendship with foreign countries and ZhejiangProvincial Association for cultural and artistic exchange.

Dunhuang, located in the northwest of gansuprovince, has always been an important city on the silk road, known for itsdunhuang grottoes and dunhuang murals. On 22 June - September 24 " NewKnowledge on Ancient Road: Silk Road Cultural Heritage Sci-tech Achievements"exhibition held in National Silk Museum. The cultural relics from Gansu Dunhuangand digital reconstruction of the no.320 Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes wat presentedclings to the continuation of the silk road heritage. In order for the audienceto fully understand the exhibition connotation and interpret the story behindthe cultural relics, we held “Evening of Dunhuang”.


14:30 pm, National Silk Museum invited Prof.Su Bomin,director of cultural relics protection from Dunhuang Academy and Prof.Zhang Defang, Director of Gansu Jiandu Museum.

Prof.Su Bomin

Prof.Zhang Defang 

19:00 pm, the Dunhuang Evening started officially.A series of performances were shown in Galaxy Hall of National Silk Museum.