Chang’an Evening Held in National Silk Museum (2017-09-01)

September 1st, National Silk Museum hosted “Evening of Chang’an”. The event is greatly supported by Companion Cultural Foundation,Dunhuang Culture Promotion Foundation , He Teahouse, Zhejiang Provincial Association for friendship with foreign countries and Zhejiang Provincial Association for cultural and artistic exchange.

As the beginning of the silk road, Chang’an plays an important role of connecting western and eastern culture. Through a series of culture-experiencing activities and academic lectures, the Chang’an evening delivers ancient civilization from Han to Tang Dynasties with all theparticipants.

14:30 pm, National Silk Museum invited Prof.Zhou Tie from Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Park and Prof.Wang Xiaomeng, Assistant Dean of Shaanxi Institute of Archaeologyto give lectures successively.

Prof.Zhou Tie

Prof.Wang Xiaomeng 

19:00 pm, the Chang’an Evening startedofficially. A series of performances were shown in Galaxy Hall of National Silk Museum.