NSM joined in the exhibition "the Silk Road and Celestial Clothes" (2017-05-15)

In mid-May 2017, the“Belt and Road” Forum for International Cooperation was held in Beijing, in thespiritual context of sharing and communication, from May 13 to May 30, “The Silk Road and Celestial Clothes” was presented at the Art Gallery of theImperial Ancestral Temple.

With three sections respectively entitled as Nations Connected in aBelt of the World, Joint Presentation by Artists from China andthe West, Grand Gathering of Clothes, the exhibition connects countries along the Silk Road withhistorical relics and featured clothes, reflecting the cross-boundary creationsand thinking from the East to the West, from clothes to statue.

In the part of Nations Connected in a Belt of the World, NSM provided 61exhibits, including replica of ancient Chinese silk garment, silk textiles fromcountries along the Silk Road and loom. Clothes, crafts, patterns, designs andcolors are intertwined together to build a unique “culture of clothes”, whichmaps the history of human.

Fan Di’an, Presidentof CAFA is the chief curator of the exhibition, Prof. Lv Yue and Zhang Yanzirespectively planned different sections of the exhibition under the culturalframework of “Silk Road”, starting from the cultural factors of “silk” and “robe”,to then focus on the research on distribution, development and evolution of thetechnology of silk in the regions of the Silk Road, and the new form of silkrobe in the contemporary context of art, in addition to the artistic creationand the material form of the robe that collides and bursts out with wonderfulsparkles.

“The Silk Road and Celestial Clothes” is an exhibition starting from the concepts of the silk and robe, and also a link connecting traditional silk crafts and contemporary fashion art, from the dimensions of the ancient and modern, China and foreign, and also prompting the possibilities and new appearance of the trans-boundary fusion between the field of contemporary art and silk & clothes.