Seminars and Lectures “the Journey of World Textile” in CNSM(2017-07-17)
Based on 5000 Years of Textiles edited by Jennifer Harris, other literature andcurrent collections,  "the Journey of World Textile" was held in CNSM this week in order to further tease the history of textile. The 6-day-long activity consistsof two parts. Seminars last from July 17th to July 21stand public lectures will be given in the evening of July 21st andJuly 22nd.

Xu Qiang: Janpanese Textiles

An Weizhu: Indian Textiles

Wang Le: Central Asian Textiles

Cai Xin: Silk History of Sicily and Italy

Su Miao: Textile History of Iran in Safavid Dynasty and the Ottoman Empire

Miao Huicui: Central and Eastern European textile Focusing on Greek Embroidery

Mao Huiwei: Silk History of Spain

Lu Jialiang: French Silk in 18th and 19th Centuries