Persian Evening Held in National Silk Museum (2017-03-18)

March 18th, National Silk Museum hosted the first seminar of “Evening on the silk road” this year -- the Persian Evening. The event is greatly supported by Consulate General of the IslamicRepublic of Iran in Shanghai.


As a country on the silk road, Iran plays an important role of connecting western and eastern culture. Through a series of culture-experiencing activities and academic lectures, the Persian evening delivers ancient Persian civilization and share the history andnculture of Iran with all the participants.


14:30, National Silk Museum invited Prof.Qi Dongfang from Peking University and Prof. Wang Zezhuang, Director of Center of West Asia & North Africa Studies, An Hui University to give lectures successively.



17:00, the Persian Evening started officially. First session was an opening ceremony of Iran Handicraft Exhibition, which all the exhibits are loaned from Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Shanghai. Exotic handicrafts, photograph and books illustrated exquisite craftsmanship and cultural characteristics of Iranians.The exhibition will be open till 24th of March.



19:00pm, a series of lectures held in Galaxy Hall of National Silk Museum shared by Mr.Behnam Azad, Culture attache of Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Shanghai, Prof.Qi Dongfang, Prof. Wang ZeZhuang Prof. Mohamd Kafi, President of FerdowsiUniversty of Mashhad, and Director Zhao Feng of National Silk Museum.


At Last, Mr. Behnam donated Termeh --traditional handwoven cloth of Iran to National Silk Museum, implicate the friendship between China and Iran. (translated by Xu Shanhe)