Opening Ceremony of “Dream-weaving: 2014 Fashion Retrospective” (2015-01-17)

    On the evening of January 16, 2015, a special opening of exhibition “Dream-weaving:2014 Fashion Retrospective” is held at CNSM, attended by LI Binhong, director of China Textiles Development Center, WU Haiyan, vice director of China Fashion Association, TIAN Kai, head of Henan Museum, BIAN Xiangyang, professor of Donghua University, and top Chinese fashion designers of the year 2014 such as PAN Yiliang, LIU Yong, etc. and representatives of impressive textile companies. Dancers from Hangzhou Song & Dance Theater make a dancing show, featuring in the creative and passionate life of young designers and the unique artistic charm of fashion.

    Hosted by China Fashion Association and China Textiles Development Center, andorganized by China National Silk Museum, this exhibition makes a retrospective of the Chinese fashion in the year of 2014, capturing the sparks in the textile and garment world. There are five parts: “The World of Simplicity”, “Top ofCarnival”, “Fiber Impression”, “Time-traveling”, and “Place for Art Keeping”,to display over 100 pieces of costumes, textiles, and other fantastic designs of the year.

    There is always a step-by-step, constantly self-denial and continuously boundary-pushing process at the birth of each piece of work. It is during the continuous efforts designers gradually find their way to dialogue with the real world. The difficult process requires designers to absorb large amounts of nutrients "during different stages of creation, then rearrange and deduce nutrients based ontheir own thinking, and finally display their designs by consistently exploring the core elements of their own ideas in each trial, eliminating external interference and temptation. Therefore, the birth of each piece of work is notonly a tough and cheerful process of dream weaving, but also is where the life significance of dream weavers lies. Equally, the vigorous creativity has made life much more abundant.

    Since 2011, CNSM has collected Chinese modern fabrics and costumes, in an attempt to“Collect today for tomorrow.” Some of the newest collections of these items are exhibited at the end of the each year, along with a relevent salon held on the morning of January 17 talking about tradition and fashion. Under the immense help of designers, companies, universities,related associations, and industry bases, the Fashion Retrospective of 2011 2012 and 2013 were all held successfully. The collection holds about 2,000 pieces,most of which are Golden Award winners, top three pieces of the Annual HempelAward, outstanding graduating works, fabrics from outstanding brands, etc.

street snap of Hangzhou, 2014