Let Cultural Heritage Alive – CNSM’s Cultural Heritage Day (2014-06-16)

        The theme of Cultural Heritage Day of this year is “Let Cultural Heritage Alive”, aiming to promote the protection and utilization of the country’s rich cultural resources. In order to publicize silk culture, CNSM organizes several activities for the public.

        The Textile Conservation Gallery is the demonstrative application base of Innovation Alliance in National Cultural Relics Conservation Scientific and Technological Area (Zhejiang Province). The aim is to further promote the capability of independent innovation in textile relics’ conservation and to offer to the public a behind-the-scenes look at the conservation process. On June 14, CNSM opens the first floor of the Textile Conservation Gallery, the workroom, to the public, showing them how broken relics are conserved. During the day, 20 international experts and scholars, including Lothar von Falkenhausen and GUO Wu, and 20 publics from the society visit.

        After visiting the Textile Conservation Gallery, there are some activities like silk tie-dyeing provided.

        Meanwhile, Tour exhibitions of “Silk Culture Class into Community” are displayed in some communities of Hangzhou.

        CNSM hopes to get the public know the cultural heritage, and let silk heritage alive.