A World of Silks: International Silk Art Exhibition

Date:2016-09-01 To 2016-12-05

Add:Temporary Exhibition Gallery, China National Silk Museum

Silks from the Silk Road: Origin, Transmission and Exchange

Date:2015-09-15 To 2015-10-15

Add:West Lake Museum

Costumes and Accessories with Weaving and Embroidery Technology of She Minority Group

Date:2015-06-05 To 2015-08-01

Add:special exhibition hall, CNSM

Literature of Western Fashion

Date:2015-03-20 To 2015-05-30

Add:Xinyou Archive Center

Memory Impression——The Late Qing’s Textiles from the Early World Expos

Date:2015-03-20 To 2015-06-07

Add:conservation gallery, CNSM

Costume documents from Japan and Korea: A Donation from BAO Mingxin

Date:2014-12-07 To 2015-03-20

Add:Xinyou Archive Center

A Glance of Glamour: Western Fashion of the 19th-20th Centuries

Date:2015-03-20 To 2015-05-31

Add:special exhibition hall, CNSM

Dream-weaving: 2014 Fashion Retrospective

Date:2015-01-16 To 2015-03-04

Add:special exhibition hall, CNSM