Reflection of Time: Art of Fashion in China 1993-2012

Date:2013-09-05 To 2013-09-25

Add:Beijing · Today Art Museum

Beyond the History and the Material: The Art of Chinese Modern Silk

Date:2013-05-24 To 2013-06-16

Add:Chinese Culture Center in Berlin, Germany

China the Beautiful: Treasures in Chinese Embroidery

Date:2013-05-17 To 2013-09-01

Add:Special Exhibition Hall, CNSM

Shanghai Glamour: New Women 1910s-40s

Date:2013-04-26 To 2013-09-29

Add:Museum of Chinese in America, New York, USA

Memory of Sericulture in Yunlong Village

Date:2013-04-03 To 2013-05-10

Add:Special Exhibition Hall, CNSM

Style in Silk: China Fashion Now and Then

Date:2013-01-31 To 2013-04-14

Add:White-Meyer House, Meridian International Center, USA

Unearthed Textiles from the Little River Graveyard in Lop Nur of Xinjiang

Date:2013-04-09 To 2013-05-30

Add:Textile Conservation Gallery, CNSM

Cheongsam: Points

Date:2013-02-26 To 2013-03-29

Add:Special Exhibition Hall, CNSM

Travel in Time – 2012 Fashion Retrospective

Date:2012-11-29 To 2013-03-29

Add:Special Exhibition Hall, CNSM