Newborn: 2013 Fashion Retrospective

Date:2013-12-06 To 2014-02-28

Add:Special Exhibition Hall, CNSM

Silk Design Review of Hangzhou Shengli Silk Mill

Date:2013-12-20 To 2014-02-28

Add:Xinyou Archive Center

Silk Style: Chinese Silk Culture of 5,000 Years

Date:2013-10-04 To 2013-10-11

Add:Bryant University, US

Donated Documents on Silk from Mr. Wang Zhuangmu

Date:2013-10-01 To 2013-12-01

Add:Xinyou Archive Center

Interlacing New Directions: Exhibition of Chinese Kesi Art

Date:2013-09-21 To 2013-12-15

Add:Textile Conservation Gallery

Digital Jacquard: Mythologies

Date:2013-09-21 To 2013-11-08

Add:Special Exhibition Hall

Colorful Silks from Northern China: Conservation of Textiles from Liao to Yuan dynasty (916-1368)

Date:2013-07-12 To 2013-09-16

Add:Textile Conservation Gallery, CNSM

Reflection of Time: Art of Fashion in China 1993-2012

Date:2013-09-05 To 2013-09-25

Add:Beijing · Today Art Museum