Qipao Glamour

Date:2014-05-18 To 2014-06-28

Add:Nanjing Museum

Far-reaching Elegance: Maritime and Cultural Images of the Chinese Export Textile

Date:2014-06-20 To 2014-10-10

Add:Textile Conservation Gallery, CNSM

Reflection of Time: The Art of Fashion in China

Date:2014-04-26 To 2014-05-12

Add:Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen

The Silk Road: History and Fashion of Chinese Silk

Date:2014-04-10 To 2014-04-19

Add:The Kingdom of Bahrain

Contemporary Dyed Fabrics: A Donation from Hua Sihong

Date:2014-02-28 To 2014-06-30

Add:Xinyou Archive Center, CNSM

The Qianlong Colour Palette: Qing Dynasty Colours from Historic Archive Brought to Life

Date:2014-04-18 To 2014-06-20

Add:Textile Conservation Gallery, CNSM

Beyond the History and Material: Contemporary Silk Art

Date:2013-12-25 To 2014-02-05

Add:Chinese Culture Center in Moscow, Russia

Memory of Silk: Sericulture and Silk Craftsmanship in China

Date:2013-12-30 To 2014-02-16

Add:National Library of China