Dream-weaving: 2014 Fashion Retrospective

Date:2015-01-16 To 2015-03-04

Add:special exhibition hall, CNSM

Resist Dye on the Silk Road: WANG Xu’s Research Archive

Date:2014-10-17 To 2014-12-15

Add:Xinyou Archive Center

Resist Dye on the Silk Road: World Shibori and Ikat

Date:2014-10-13 To 2014-12-07

Add:Textile Conservation Gallery, CNSM

Resist Dye on the Silk Road: Contemporary Art

Date:2014-10-13 To 2014-12-07

Add:Special Exhibition Hall, CNSM

Resist Dye on the Silk Road: Ancient China

Date:2014-10-13 To 2014-12-12

Add:Permanet Gallery

China: Through the Lens of John Thomson (1868 – 1872)

Date:2014-08-29 To 2014-10-07

Add:Special Exhibition Hall, CNSM

Japanese Dyeing and Weaving Documents: A Donation from XIN Yajian

Date:2014-07-03 To 2014-10-15

Add:Xinyou Archive Center, CNSM

Qipao Glamour

Date:2014-05-18 To 2014-06-28

Add:Nanjing Museum