The Exquisite Eight

Designer:CAI MIN (costume designer of Gambiered Canton Silk and an art researcher of Gambiered Canton Silk. She is also the costume designer of "NEW BEST KNIGHT" and many other well-known clothing brands. She served as the costume designer of Finals of Xingguang Wuxian Foshan Charm Ambassador Qualification Contests and the costume designer of Finals of Miss Zhujiang Pageant. Furthermore, she was selected as the costume designer of Wanren Taiji Performance of Foshan Tourism Cultural Festival of the Guinness Book of World Records, and the chief costume designer of Dongfang Ruizhi Miss Asia International Pageant in 2011 and 2012. In 2013, she served as the chief costume designer of Miss Chinese International Pageant.)

Material:Gambiered Canton Silk, Red Gambiered Silk( blended only in dye made of Dioscorea cirrhosa extracts, uncoated with river silt)

Description of Design Concept:

This evening dress is designed in a vase-shape with skin-tight cutting, showing the beautiful feminine curve from the front side. The main color is black, which is the original color of Gambiered Canton Silk. The underbelly part of the dress is made of Gambiered Canton Silk embroidered with transparent pattern by traditional hand-weaving device, for a see-through and sexy effect.

Gambiered Canton Silk dyed and woven with eight different fabrics is used to form a flower pattern over the chest, as a floral arrangement in a black vase, graceful and elegant.

The back side of the dress is made of brownish red jacquard Red Gambiered Silk, to form a skirt tail as a long “8”.

The middle part of the skirt tail is made of Gambiered Canton Silk with butterfly patterns and burnt-out printing process, acting in cooperation with the floral arrangement over the chest.

“8”, it is not only the representative of a beautiful feminine curve, but also, in traditional Chinese culture, a symbol of fortune, balance and harmony. The use of Gambiered Canton Silk, a textile blended in a dye made of plant extracts, is indeed an exhibition of a Chinese living attitude fused with moderation and respect towards the nature. Unquestionably when the tailing of “The Exquisite Eight” presents itself, swaying in the air just like what peacock’s tail does, your mind will have a glance of this idea: creation of the most luxurious and beautiful thing should not come at the cost of natural environment.