Silent Blessing: the Story in Children’s Clothing

On the afternoon of April 27, a cheongsam donation ceremony from Yu Cuiyan was held at the conference room of CNSM. Ms Yu donated her nine pieces/sets of contemporary cheongsam to CNSM, and accepted the collection certificate issued by CNSM.

Ms Yu lived in Hong Kong during her childhood, and immigrated to the United States with her parents later in her life. She graduated from the University of California, where she specialized in language and physiology, and now is the Culture Ambassador of the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, California. She adores Chinese culture, and is dedicated to popularize it. She takes a great interest in Chinese garments & accessories, and has collected, ordered and researched the children's clothing of Qing dynasty in the United States.

Every piece of Chinese children's clothing implicates a wonderful story and a heartfelt blessing. After the donation ceremony, Ms Yu made a lecture named Silent Blessing: the Story in Children's Clothing, which focused on auspicious motifs, explored the content, culture consciousness and psychological feelings of auspicious culture in the children's clothing.