The Essence of Celadon

On the afternoon of March 23, CNSM invited Li Gang, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Museum and researcher, to give a lecture titled "The Essence and Eternity of Celadon", exclusively supported by Hangzhou FM107 private car radio, and hosted by the DJ Xuefeng.

As a one of a kind of traditional Chinese porcelain, Celadon is named because of its surface with cyan glaze and is known for its exquisite character, smooth lines, dignified shapes, and pure color.

Maritime Silk Road, also known as the Ceramic Road, was the seaway transporting trade for cultural exchanges between ancient China and foreign countries. In order to better interpret the Maritime Silk Road culture and to enhance the Hangzhou public cultural accomplishment and art appreciation, a series of lectures on ceramics, tea, and silk will be held in CNSM soon.