CNSM Academic Committee Regulations
Chapter I   General Provisions

Article 1    The regulations have been formulated in order to advance the academic works, to develop professionals, to further the cooperation and communication with home and abroad, and upgrade the research competence.

Article 2     Academic Committee is the highest academic institution of CNSM, in charge of managing the academic exchanges home and abroad, making research, collection, and talents cultivation plans, deciding important exhibitions, and other major research operations.

Article 3     Academic Committee offers suggestions and guidance in major academic decision, construction and directions of CNSM.

Chapter II   Duties

Article 4    Take charge of drawing up and deliberating the academic plans and academic exchange activities.

Article 5     Offer guidance in applying for research projects.

Article 6     Deliberate key exhibition topics and publication plans of each year.

Article 7     Put forward constructive opinions on collecting works on the basis of the academic specialty of CNSM.

Article 8     Deliberate the purchasing of valuable research equipments.

Article 9     Authorize conservation schemes of Class A, Class B precious relics.

Article 10    Judge academic disputes or other related issues impartially.

Article 11    Formulate and authorize talents cultivation and introduction plans.

Article 12    Accept consulting about silk and offer guidance.

Chapter Ⅲ   Organization

Article 13     A plenary should be held annually, to discuss the collections, researches, publications, seminars, developing projects, etc., and to offer suggestions. Meeting summary is required.

Article 14    The meeting shall be hosted by the head of the Academic Committee.

Article 15    Procedure rules of the Academic Committee should obey the principle of majority rules, and minority views should be allowed.

Article 16    There should 8-9 persons in committee, with one director and several members, all being supposed to be sub-senior professionals from CNSM in silk field, and of good qualities.

Article 17    The members should be selected by the leading group of CNSM, and appointed by the curator, with a term of three years.

Chapter Ⅴ  Supplementary Provisions

Article 18    The power of interpretation of these Regulations shall be vested in CNSM Academic Committee.
Article 19    These regulations shall be effective upon approval by CNSM Academic Committee and signed and issued by the curator.